Why is Construction of TxDOT’s Plan Delayed?

Army Corp of Engineers:

Rejected TxDOT’s permit application based on excessive modifications of Williamson Creek.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ):

Water Pollution Abatement Permit (WPAP): TxDOT failed to inform TCEQ of the modification to Williamson Creek. TCEQ will review their approved WPAP permit for the project upon submittal of a new design.

US Fish and Wildlife (USFW) Biological Assessment:

TxDOT failed to inform USFW of the modifications to Williamson Creek. USFW will reconsider their concurrence of no impact on the Barton Springs Salamander upon submittal of a new design.

Environmental Impact Statement Reevaluation (EIS):

TxDOT postponed their release of the EIS reevaluation until September 2007. After the reevaluation is complete, additional design will likely be required.

Delay Time

Army Corp Permit: 1 year for Nationwide Permit, 2 years or more for an individual Clean Water Act 404 Permit.

TCEQ WPAP: 6 months to 1 year.

USFW Biologic Assessment: 6 months to 1 year.

EIS Reevaluation and redesign: 1 year

Done concurrently, the delay is likely to be 2 or more years, just for environmental permitting.

These permits also are dependant on a design that can be approved under the strict environmental issues that occur in and around Williamson Creek and the Edwards Aquifer.

Source: Bruce Melton, P.E., Mesa Engineering

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