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new! Fix290 Noise Report : Analysis of Future Highway Noise in Oak Hill for the TxDOT Hwy 290/71 Interchange Project

Download the pdf >> [650k PDF]

This document discusses increases in noise levels involved with the construction of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) project known as the Highway 290/71 Interchange Project. The Fix290 concept for Oak Hill consists of a “ground-level” parkway and is supported by more than 2300 petition signers.

new! Fix290 Cost Estimate : Smart Mobility’s Projected Costs for the Fix290 Parkway Concept

Download the pdf >> [420k PDF]

A new report by independent transportation experts shows that the Fix 290 Coalition’s parkway proposal for Highway 290 West in Oak Hill would be tens of millions of dollars less expensive than the elevated toll lanes proposed by TxDOT.

Fix290 Report : Analysis of the Issues Concerning the TxDOT Hwy 290/71 Interchange Project by Bruce Melton, PE

Download the pdf >> [6.2 mb]

This report covers the problems with TxDOT’s highway plan for the project, including its extreme impact on the environment, its adverse impact on the community and local businesses, projected traffic problems on the proposed frontage roads, and why their plan could mean more delays. The report shows how Fix290’s parkway concept can solve these problems and get a roadway in Oak Hill that gets built FASTER, is BETTER for the community and environment, and is CHEAPER to build (not to mention no tolls).

Smart Mobility Study : Applying the Principles of Smart Growth to 290 and the 290/71 interchange

Download the pdf >> [197 kb]

The purpose of this report is to explore how this alternative would address the future traffic volumes on the 290 and 71 corridors and interchange area. The TXDOT proposal for a 12 lane facility is designed in response to projected future traffic growth in the area solely by increasing highway capacity. The Fix290 plan is a multi-faceted approach to future growth in traffic. It seeks to reduce the traffic burden on 290 itself by providing a more effective local street network. In addition, alternative modes of transportation are promoted by this plan, including Bus Rapid Transit and bicycle transportation. Further, the plan will promote a new urbanism form of growth which, due to more compact development and a greater mix of land sues, reduces the amount of vehicle travel.

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Quick Downloads

Austin City Council Parkway Resolution : A parkway should be given "full and fair consideration".

Fix 290 Poll : 82% of Southwest Austin residents prefer the parkway.

Fix 290 Noise Report : A parkway will produce 50% LESS noise than TxDOT's elevated design.

Fix 290 Cost Estimate : A parkway would cost about half as much as TxDOT’s latest designs.

Fix 290 Report : Highlights the problems with TxDOT’s plan for the project.